Proven Ways to Start a Small Business with No Loans or Grants (ebook)


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As the founder of I have foll...As the founder of I have followed the advice given in this ebook for the past 6 months. The content is all about creative ways to get more with less money upfront. It has helped me save $12K in marketing cost so far by developing a small prototype model before expanding the site further. That is why I have given this short ebook a 5 star rating.
I thought it was a fantastic ebook. I plan to use ...I thought it was a fantastic ebook. I plan to use these tips a lot. Very easy to understand and well written. Dr. Glauser is very knowledgeable. I wish there was more material on how to secure money if really needed but as far strategies to stay lean and efficient this was very good.
There are some amazing ideas here that never cross...There are some amazing ideas here that never crossed my mind to try. I have no doubt these ideas and suggestions will help my business grow.
Proven Ways to Start a Small Business with No Loans or Grants (ebook)
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All it takes to start your small business is a plan. You don’t need a list of banks and small business grants. In this economy, you can’t wait for loans or even grants to launch your business. Your first step is to cut your plan from “wants” to “needs.” Go lean. Find out what matters most for your dream – and what you don’t need. Then find out how to get there. My small business coaching focuses on how to plan a lean business. A business that starts with only the necessities.


This ebook gives you the basics of small business funding and marketing. You need a burst of insight. You need ideas that are real. Ideas that you can use now. My ebook will narrow your focus to the heart of your business. When you have that, you can start a small business on a much smaller budget than you can believe.


This ebook is short and simple. There are three core goals for any starting small business:

  • Creative startup funding
  • Early and strong marketing
  • Different financing options for different stages in your business life

The workbook style of this ebook walks you through each step. You can apply each lesson right now.


The benefits to your small business

  • Written for real people, not business pros.
  • 20 years of research supports the material.
  • Simple workbook – not a self-help book.
  • Based on advice from lectures and small business consulting (at $150 per hour).
  • Focus on marketing and sales instead of capital expenditures.
  • Useful for any industry or structure (online, work at home, retail, or production).

Hear what other business owners think:

"As an entrepreneur, I have found that the best way to start and grow companies is to learn from people who have successfully (and sometimes unsuccessfully!) done it.… If you have a business idea that you want to explore, but don't know how to begin, I highly recommend using My New Enterprise as a starting point to get your company off on the right foot and increase your chances for success."


                                   Nicole DeBoom, Founder of Skirt

About the Author

Dr. Mike Glauser founded a regional restaurant franchise. Now, he is a business consultant and teacher. He has lived in the business world from almost every angle.                               

  • Executive Director of Entrepreneurial Programs at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University
  • A Ph.D in organizational studies from Purdue University
  • Director of New Enterprises at Westminster College
  • Author of a best-selling book, Glorious Accidents, about owning a small business

Many TV and radio appearances, including The G. Gordon Liddy Show, Voice of America, Good Morning Chicago, and Associated Press Radio.

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I started Golden Swirls Frozen Yogurt. It grew from two stands to a 65-store chain. I also started Northern Lights, a restaurant supply chain.

Why should you do anything about what I am offering?

Some people are ready for expert small business consulting. They have their business plans done and know what they need to get started. However, a lot of you don’t have a plan yet. You need small business advice just to get started. An ebook like this one is a low-cost way to reach out to people who are still in those early stages. A good plan is the first step to starting a small business. I can help you make that plan.