Protecting Yourself When Running a Home Daycare


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Very honest bidder. Great communication. Thank you...Very honest bidder. Great communication. Thank you.
Protecting Yourself When Running a Home Daycare
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Living on one income is becoming more and more difficult in today's economy.  If you are interested in staying home with your children while earning and income then consider home daycare.  Providing a home daycare can earn you a decent income while providing your little ones with playmates.  I provided home daycare for nine years and in that time I learned quite a bit about running a daycare business.  It also provided me an avenue to stay home with my kids while teaching them about social dynamics.  I had the only two year old who was okay with sharing her toys!


This is not to say that this business is not without its difficulties.  Don't bother with trial and error, in a business like this you don't want to learn the hard way.  I have had so many experiences I want you to avoid having.  Avoid the hassle of not getting paid on time or having children dropped off sick or picked up late.  This is YOUR business!  You are not an employee.  You are interviewing the parent and not the other way around.  If you want that type of respect and a well run daycare, then follow my instructions you will be on your way to running a successful business.


What you will learn:

* Aspects that should always be included in every home daycare contract.

* Tips on how to run a daycare smoothly even on the most unpredictable days.

* What parents expect when looking for a home daycare environment.

* Answers to the most frequent questions asked by those looking to get into the home daycare business.



* Sample Contract (can be adjusted to your own specifications)

* Child Information and Emergency Contact List

* Medication Consent Form

My Expertise:

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I am providing you with information I learned from running a daycare myself.

Why should you do anything about what I am offering?

So you don't have to bother with trial and error. You will run your business the right way from the beginning, saving yourself time and money.