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Very honest bidder. Great communication. Thank you...Very honest bidder. Great communication. Thank you.
Free Homeschool Curriculum:  Online Resources to Free Homeschool Links
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As a homeschooling mom to four children, I know how important it is to provide a solid education. I also know the part the economy plays in having a one income household with children you are trying to educate at home. It isn't always easy making ends meet and the last thing you want to do is sacrifice your child's curriculum. After much research and years spent gathering information, I have a list of free home-school curriculum and resource links. You can benefit from my experience and research.Links are for various age groups from preschool to high school.   Save yourself the time and money of trying to find all this information on your own.

You will find links to free curriculum for the following:
whole curriculums
unit studies
online libraries
foreign language

Please be aware that this list has been complied for a long time.  I cannot guarantee that some links are broken or sites shutdown.  I am still using quite a few of these, so I know a great many are still in use. 

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These are links I have used myself.

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Taking advice from someone who has experience is a great way to avoid having to learn through trial and error which sites work best. You will also save yourself time and money.