Dog with Allergy, Scratching, Hair Loss, Hot Spots, Vomit? Solution!


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This is a very detailed list of food and has saved...This is a very detailed list of food and has saved me a lot of time. Thanks.
This is an awesome dog food list. I have verified ...This is an awesome dog food list. I have verified everything on the list and there really are no by- products. I also appreciated the extra effort taken to describe exactly what to get and not to get. Thanks.
Great dog food list! Impressive how much research ...Great dog food list! Impressive how much research has been done. Trustworthy seller.
Dog with Allergy, Scratching, Hair Loss, Hot Spots, Vomit? Solution!
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This is the story of my dog Scout and her horrible "allergy" problems! But wait . . . it's not allergy, but a physical imbalance that causes symptoms such as:

    * Itchy skin, dry skin, scratching

    * Itching ears

    * Hair loss

    * Odor

    * Vomiting

    * Food sensitivity

    * Hot spots

    * Crusty skin patches

    * Greasy skin

    * Redness

    * Swelling 

Does your dog suffer with these? Do you get steroid shots or pills, allergy pills, and antibiotics? Do you keep going to the vet over and over, paying out with no cure?

That's because you are simply treating symptoms! Read Scout's story and learn the name of the actual problem behind the allergy epidemic!  It is treatable! You receive:

    * the name of this common, but often ignored condition

    * what worked for us

    * what didn't work

    * where to go to get a safe, holistic treatment that will put your dog back in balance

Here's the Summary from the file itself:

My dog had itching and severe hair loss, nausea and vomiting. She was diagnosed with “allergies” and that didn’t make any sense.The vet found ONE flea on her, and figured her problem was a flea allergy. But no – this was not the case! There was much more to the situation.I trust my experience will save you time, money, and most importantly, suffering!I tried many things that didn’t work, and finally found a treatment and a regimen that did! And I report this for you in detail. My only regret is that after a move, I have only one picture showing Scout’s disastrous hair loss.

 * File is in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. Most computers have the free PDF reader program. If not, see

P.S. The pic for this auction is my dog, Scout. She was rescued from  a North Texas animal shelter. [Dog not included, heh-heh!] She also  insists that I donate all proceeds to the local shelters (public & private).

For a list of "safe" foods with no corn, wheat, soy, or by-products, see my Clean Dog Food List auction.

Note: This report of our personal story is 4,000 words, 9 pages long, and is delivered in PDF format. It's formatted with the first page "landscape," and the rest regular "portrait" style, so you might want to print as two print jobs. In other words, print page 1 of 1, then pages 2–9.


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So you don't have to go through the torture I did while I tried to figure out what the problem was.

Why should you do anything about what I am offering?

So your dog no longer has to suffer.