Dog or Canine Acne Treatment and Solution – Personal Experience!


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Dog or Canine Acne Treatment and Solution – Personal Experience!
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Canine acne – it looks like what it is.

In the picture above, a Rottweiler is suffering from canine acne. And that’s what it looks like – pimply eruptions, like gooseflesh. It may be red as well. Even without looking, when you put your hand under an affected dog’s muzzle, you can feel it. It’s not supposed to be there:

*  but many people just accept these bumps

*  some believe it’s inevitable, and who knows why

* some think it can’t be fixed

* many people don’t know it has a name, but it does – canine acne

Some say that it develops from the dog’s lower jaw always getting wet when drinking out of a water bowl. This is one of the “external cause” theories that is, more than likely, not accurate!

Canine acne can be treated and cured at home, inexpensively and painlessly. You don’t need steroids or antibiotics. I’ll tell you how we did it!

The Treatment:

This treatment is a substance that’s safe for humans (including children) and pets too. I have not found any specific reference pointing it to canine acne. There may be one, but in my web-search I did not uncover it.

There are other “holistic” dog or canine acne suggestions online, but so many of them call for treating the dog’s skin externally, with cleaning and drying products. However, so many times this problem is coming from the inside and needs to be addressed from the inside!

Here’s what my solution write-up offers: 

 1. Brief canine acne overview. 

2. My thoughts on what to avoid, and why. 

3. The treatment solution that worked! 

The Canine Acne Treatment Solution is in a 4-page PDF document, plus there’s a PDF “Reference Sheet” with further info about the substance I used. You probably have the free Adobe PDF reader on your computer. If not, visit

My dog Scout asks me to send all proceeds from her experiences to a local animal shelter! Also, your local city shelter will often gladly receive gifts of spare blankets, food, or toys. City-funded doesn't always mean they have all they need, especially these days.

Thank you for visiting my solution page! And good luck to you and your pup!


My Expertise:

What qualifies me to sell this solution?

This is the treatment that worked on my pup.

Why should you do anything about what I am offering?

So your pup no longer has to suffer from annoying acne and you don't have to waist more money trying to solve this problem.